Parts & Accessories

3B Upfitters not only provides a range of cranes, service bodies, and hauler bodies, but it also offers customers a wide variety of truck parts and accessories. Customers can avail truck equipment from us from any part of the world, whether Texas, the United States or Canada.

We only offer our truck accessories in the best of brands in the truck industry, including: Cattleman Ranch Hand RKI Weather Guard Frontier We have all kinds of parts and accessories for your commercial vehicle such as: Pickup accessories Super Springs Toolboxes Material racks Drawer packages Underbody boxes Hitches Customized truck parts And, lots more! By installing you old truck or crane with our premium quality parts, you can make it look as well as run like new again.

With the effective performance, durability, strength, and innovative design, all the truck accessories provided by 3B Upfitters are the best that you can get on the market.

Besides these, you can also avail premium class truck and crane equipment services from us that are offered at cost-effective prices. We have a fully equipped servicing facility where we repair the truck parts and bodies under the supervision of experts.

Our staff has more than 50 years of experience; this is why they can install as well as repair different truck parts in the best way possible so that your old truck or crane runs like new again. Furthermore, our turnaround time is pretty quick.

We can repair any fault in your truck body or part as fast as 48 hours. We also offer our services on-site. This means that if your SUV, truck, or crane, breaks down in the middle of the road or in a secluded area in Texas, U.S., where you cannot even find a mechanic, we come there and repair your truck.